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  • 1 h
  • 950 Australian dollars

Service Description

Online booking and automated email doesn't guarantee the spot. Due to examiner availability and location exact time and location will be sent by sms.Due to instructor and examiner availability different but similar cars may be used for lesson and test.Client to meet instructor at test hub. TEST IN DRIVING SCHOOL CAR ONLY NO REFUND FOR CANCELLATION 48 HRS FROM APPOINTMENT TIMES. VORT BOOKINGS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE BOOKED AND IF NOT ATTENDED. VORT DATE CHANGES WILL COST $150.00 ONCE BOOKED WITH THE DEPARTMENT. CLIENT TO MEET AT THE START POINT.PORT ADELAIDE,ELIZABETH OR KILKENNY.

Cancellation Policy

NO REFUND FOR CANCELLATION 4 days FROM APPOINTMENT TIMES. VORT BOOKINGS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE BOOKED AND IF NOT ATTENDED. VORT DATE CHANGES WILL COST $150.00 ONCE BOOKED WITH DEPARTMENT. 1 DAY VORT COURSE CONDITION FOR SUBSEQUENT VORTs: No further attempts allowed for free if you fail your VORT because of ROAD LAW breach/ IMMIDIATE FAIL items. Re-attempts are only allowed if you couldn't score 90% while maintaining 100% in ROAD RULES. Re-test only after 14 days minimum depending upon our works schedule. Cancellation Policy: Terms and Conditions, refunds and cancellations: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms and Conditions : Any Lesson Cancellation without 48 Hrs notice will be charged at full price. All VORT test bookings are non-refundable. We may offer different prices or add surcharges from time to time based on many factors like location, time & other circumstances. While doing CBT&A Express Courses you have to accommodate to all offered classes and not reject any offered classes. There are no refund given for any pre-booked lessons or packages. All online bookings are non-refundable unless we can not provide the service in designated area or type of service booked. Though in some special cases (example natural disaster like COVID-19 or reasons out of student's/school's control) we may offer partial refund on case by case basis if the package was partially used. In those cases if you change your mind half way through the training and breached the agreement then the partial refund will be calculated based on full lesson price; not according to the discounted price. The school will deduct the full lesson prices and any quotation/planning cost from money paid and the rest will be refunded back to same bank account. Also note that the card facility provider does take 10-15 business days to complete the full refund procedure from the day we finalize it from our end. Please note that booking of any package or express courses does not guarantee your completion in the specified time. There are standards and procedures to met before we can provide commitment to the course. Once you make an online booking then we will do an initial assessment of your current competency and confidence; on top of that we will also evaluate your other relevant conditions required as per Service SA guidelines. Then we will confirm if the service booked can be offered or not. If we are not able to provide the requested service in requested time frame then we will refund your booking fees partially after deducting AUD 250.00 for initial driving assessment and AUD 199.00 admin fees. Also note that just because the time slot and or date is offered on our website; it does not guarantee that booking will be done on requested time and date. There are many other factors those may force us to offer something different as per our availability. If our offered time and date are not suitable than we will be very happy to refund you in full. What to bring on test day? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must bring a valid driver's photo permit. If you have a temporary permit then bring other valid photo ID and overseas license if applicable with any English translation as required.

Contact Details


Adelaide South Australia, Australia

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