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Adelaide Driving Lessons - Professional Driver Training School

Our experienced instructors will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to become a confident and safe driver. 

Prestigious Driving school in Adelaide

Reputation Driving Academy to Become Safer Drivers

A welcome Driving school renowned for its experienced and patient instructors

Wide Range of Learning Course Materials

Commitment to Teaching Safe

Proper Driving Techniques

Learning driving education from a welcome driving school instructor will gain confidence and a solid understanding of traffic and road rules. Book Your Driving Lessons with us Today 

Driving lessons - Learn to become a Safe and Skilled Driver

For 15 years we have been providing driving classes in Adelaide near location and surrounding suburbs of Salisbury, Port Adelaide, Kilkenny, Elizabeth, Mawson Lakes, and Prospect near locations 

Experienced and Qualified Instructors

​Practical Testing

Log Book Training

Overseas License

Our instructors undergo thorough police clearances and are members of professional driving organizations such as ADTA

( Australian Driver Trainers Association )

 Pickup Services are Available from Work, School, and Home 7 days a week

Provide Driving School Vehicles for Training and get the practice you need to succeed

Help you earn your License and become a Confident, Capable driver

Find Your Driving Instructor

At Welcome Driving School, the needs and interests of our clients are always our top priority.

Our team of experienced female instructors and male instructors are familiar with the local roads and routes in the suburbs.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced driver looking to brush up on your skills, we have an instructor and a lesson plan that's right for you."  Call us today to book your training from the best instructor

Our Quality Training Program 

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing High-Quality Training and is a well-trained, member of the Professional Trainers Association (PDTASA)

Safe Driving and Supportive Environment

Support and Preparation for the Vehicle on Road Test (VORT)

Comprehensive and concise training techniques to guide our students through the process of obtaining their driving licenses

With the best trainers and top packages that cater to customers, the main feature of driving school is its excellent training programs

We are one of the top driving school with some of the best trainers in the industry

If you're ready to take the first step towards mastering the skills of the road

Learns Testimonials 

I have done driving lessons and VORT test with welcome driving school. The instructors were very friendly and reliable.

Thank you for all the lessons!

Sungmin Lee

I would definitely recommend. Done a 60 minute lesson before hand. Nice and friendly instructors. I passed and got good feedback.

Kristine Ross

Very pleased with my instructor he was very helpful and definitely recommended doing some lessons before doing your vort it helps you out a lot.

Jean-Claude Stone

The driving examiner for my VORT test was so calm and supportive. He gave me so much courage and I PASSED!!! Thankyou!!

Mystic- Kai

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